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I Be Emma Talk

All About Emma
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A community about ibeemma.
About us

This is a community for disscussion, banter, suggestions, etc., etc., in relation to ibeemma. ibeemma is a fictional character created by Abellona Alexis. Emma will interact with anyone who is interested in doing so.

***Do NOT comment about this community in ibeemma! Your message will be ignored and quite possibly deleted. This is because it will be Emma responding to you, not Abellona (me). This community does not exist in ibeemma, as this would cause an implosion of Emma’s universe.

Community Rules

1. Everyone is welcome here. Please try to be tolerant and respectful.
2. No one is required to tell you his/her/ze LBGT/straight status, race, age, etc. You can ask, but you don’t have to answer.
3. Have a question? Ask. I guarantee you there’s other people wanting to know the same thing.
4. If you are repeatedly warned by a moderator to cease and desist doing something and refuse to, you will be banned. 3 times and you’re out is the standard.
5. If you feel you have been unjustly banned, contact torasama.
6. This community has moderated membership only to prevent spam and intolerant behavior within the community. If you apply to join, you'll more than likely be allowed.
7. Tags are really nice :) It is to be decided whether or not they will be required, so don't worry about it just yet. I understand they can be a pain when you aren't used to tagging everything you write.


Is this some sort of futuristic world?

If you like. It’s supposed to be today’s world, but with the gay/straight assumptions and prejudices switched. You can think of it as a futuristic world, or a parrellel universe, whatever.

Who are you?

My name is Abellona Alexis.

Are you gay/straight/bi/trans/etc?

That’s not important. Speculate all you like.

Can I be a moderator?

Talk to torasama. I chose her to be the primary moderator. I’ll leave it up to her.


If you have a suggestion for an icon, have an icon you'd like the community or ibeemma to use, or want to make an icon for either the community or ibeemma but don't know what to make, post about it, and see what happens :) Also, feel free to critique icons already in use.

I don't speak English well.

Se habla español. torasama speaks Spanish, she'll be happy to translate. If you need another language, I'll do my best to find a translator for you. Contact myself or torasama.

How do I contact you?

E-mail: abellona_alexis at ymail dot com
Livejournal: Leave a comment in any community post, I’ll see it.


Knock yourself out. Either e-mail me or talk to torasama. And of course, all donations are voluntary, are not required in any manner.

[insert insult here]

Here’s to you.

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